For quick answers, we’ve answered some of the commonly asked questions in advance.

General Accounts Related Questions

How do I open an Individual, Joint or Corporate Account?

You can open an individual Live account by using our online application on the Live Account Opening page. For detailed instructions, please refer to the Step-by-Step procedure on our Accounts page. Please note that you will be required to upload scanned copies of your supporting documents during the application before your account can be successfully created.

For Joint and Corporate accounts, you may contact us at info@blackwellglobal.co.nz. We will issue you the respective application forms upon receiving your request for account opening.

How long does it take for me to open a Live Account?

We will process the opening of your live account within 3 business days from the time we receive the necessary supporting documents. No administration fees will be charged. Should you have any queries regarding the sending of documents, you may contact us at applications@blackwellglobal.co.nz.

What specific supporting documents are required for account opening?

To comply with anti-money laundering regulations, you are required to upload the following:

Certified true copy of your valid passport

  • The copy must be fully legible
  • The copy must carry a clear and identifiable photograph

Original or certified true copy of your bank statement or utility bill

  • The copy must be issued in your name and must contained your registered address
  • The copy must be issued within the last 3 months
  • The copy cannot be the same provided for in proof of identity

If you have applied through hard copy application, please submit the set of supporting documents to applications@blackwellglobal.co.nz.
This will facilitate your account application process.

We reserve the right to request additional information and clarification at all times.

Do you accept US clients?

No. US CTFC regulation prevents US clients from trading with non-US brokers, as such we regret that we are unable to accept US clients.

What is the minimum age to open an account?

You have to be at least 18 years old to open an account with us.

What is the minimum deposit required to start trading?

Our minimum requirement for a mini account is USD 2,000.

What are the currencies that my account can be denominated in?

We accept two types of currencies: USD and EUR.

What is the minimum transaction size I can trade for live account?

The minimum trading lot size is 1 Micro lot or 1,000 units.

What is the amount of leverage I can hold?

Leverage for trading deposits of USD 2,000–10,000 and more than USD 10,000 is set at 1:200 and 1:100 respectively. This is done to protect our clients’ exposure to risk as we consider your interests as our first concern.

When can I withdraw my money?

You will be given full access to withdraw or transfer your money anytime. In addition, you will be able to monitor your trading account on a 24/7 basis, giving you the full possibility to check your account progress, current and potential trades and the realized net profit. Please refer to our Funding page for extensive understanding.

Do I need to pay annual subscription fees for live account?

There will be no subscription fees charged while trading on the live account as we would like you to optimize your trading experience with us.

Why can't I log into my Infinitum account?

It could be due to an invalid password or username. For any issues regarding logging into your Infinitum account, you can use Live Chat to speak to our client service officer for assistance. Alternatively, you may drop an e-mail to cs@blackwellglobal.co.nz and we will contact you shortly upon receipt of your e-mail.

How do I update my personal information (e.g. residential address) after registration?

You can contact us at cs@blackwellglobal.co.nz indicating your request, and you will receive the “Change in Personal Particulars Form” in return. Simply fill up the form with the respective information and send the scanned copy back to us. You may also email us regarding any change of personal information for further enquires.

Where can I view my past and current trades?

You may view your trading performance through Infinitum, our back office software which is customised for account monitoring on a real-time basis. Alternatively, you may check out your trade history through Blackwell Trader MT4.

Will I be receiving any statements?

You will receive daily trade reports generated by Blackwell Trader MT4. These reports are easy to understand and provide you with the facility to check your own overall trading record as well as single trades.

How long can I use my Demo Account for?

You may use the demo account for as long as you like. Practicing on a demo account before trading live is an essential aspect of the trading process where you can learn to analyse the market and trade without losing real money. Note that all inactive demo accounts have a validity of 30 days.

Trading Related Questions

How can I be sure that my orders are executed instantly and in real-time?

At Blackwell Global, we adopt a Straight-through Processing (STP) business model with instant order fills. This means that your order is sent directly to the liquidity providers with no manual intervention. In addition, we maintain our partnership with a NASDAQ-listed firm, EQUINIX, which connects global firms and banks supplying market data. EQUINIX utilises optical fibre as opposed to the conventional internet connection, allowing the fast execution speed and lower latency much needed in trading.

What are the market hours for Forex / Precious Metals / CFDs trading?

For more information on products and contract specifications, please refer to each product pagehere.

What currencies can I trade in? How is Profit and Loss calculated at Blackwell Global?

We accept the following 3 currencies: USD, EUR and GBP. However, your Profit and Loss will be calculated in USD. The conversion rate for P/L calculation is the current rate* at the point in time when the trades are closed.

*[Bid price + Ask Price] / 2

What is Swap/Rollover Interest? How are interests calculated?

Swaps, also referred to as Rollover Interest, is the interest paid or earned by a trader for holding a position overnight. Every currency trade involves borrowing one currency to buy another. This interest can be positive or negative, depending on the difference in rates between the base and the quote currencies.

Swaps/Rollover interest is automatically calculated and settled at 2159 GMT, 2259 Server time on a daily basis. Any open positions held from Wednesday to Thursday on a trade date basis will be charged three times the value indicated.

For Swaps tables, please visit the relevant Product section. See Products Details.

What happens when the market gaps?

In times of high market volatility, the market may not be as liquid as usual. Hence, your orders will be filled with the best available market price, as quoted by our liquidity providers.

How does slippage occur?

Slippage is the difference between the expected price of a trade and the actual price you trade at. Slippages happen when the market is illiquid, also during major news or announcements which is similar to when a market gap occurs. Your orders will be filled with the best available market price provided by our liquidity providers.

Should I trade during news announcements?

When major news is announced, the market tends to widen the spreads of various instruments as the banks become more cautious and do not provide enough liquidity. We would advise traders not to trade during news release as there might be gaps in the market, which would disrupt your intended trading strategies.

Who do I contact if I have any problems with my transactions e.g. dispute in prices etc.?

For any technical issues, please contact cs@blackwellglobal.co.nz.

What are the CFD symbols and trading hours?

Please refer to here for more information on CFD trading.

What is 'Margin Call' and 'Stop Out'?

A trader will receive a warning (Margin Call) when the account’s Equity has
slipped past the required margin level. At Blackwell Global, Margin Call is set at 80%. Stop Out is a level at which all of the trader’s orders will be closed due to the critically low Equity level to prevent
further account losses. At Blackwell Global, Stop Out level is set at 50%.

Deposit and Withdrawal Related Questions

How safe are my funds?

All eligible client funds will be governed by 3 steps of security at Blackwell Global:

Regulated by appropriate regulators
Blackwell Global is licensed and regulated to provide financial services by a number of regulators in various countries.Read More on Our Regulations

Top Tier banks with segregated accounts
All client funds are fully segregated into our designated client accounts which are separate from the company’s operational funds. Blackwell Global is partnered with credible top tier banks which are renowned for their strong financial status and recognised for their strong banking platforms and security.

Secured ‘Infinitum’ system
With an understanding of the risks involved when submitting their personal information online, we have secured our systems with unique login IDs, passwords, and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates. The certificate encrypts all information transmitted by our clients into a unique code that is only understandable by Infinitum. This helps to deter possible hacking activities, thus avoiding the loss of clients’ confidential information.

What method can I use to deposit funds to my trading account?

We accept funds via bank wire, credit/debit cards and e-wallets. Credit/debit card and e-wallet functions are termed as online payment service methods. Please note that we do not accept cash, cheque nor third-party payments.

For more information on our deposit methods, please visit Deposit and Withdrawal

What is the minimum deposit required?

The minimum deposit amount required depends on the account type. For more information on account types, please visit AccountTypes.

Can I deposit using any currency?

Blackwell Global accepts USD and EUR, regardless of the base currency of the trading account. However, depositing in any of the currencies listed above is only available via our bank wire method. For our online payment service methods, please view the available currencies for funding deposits here.

Can I deposit and withdraw funds 24/7?

Clients may submit their deposits and withdrawals 24/7 via Infinitum. Our finance department will take a maximum of 1 business day to process Infinitum requests.

Will I receive confirmation of my deposit?

Clients may track the status of their fund transfer
via our back office, Infinitum. Login to Infinitum

Are there any fees incurred for deposit and withdrawal options?

Blackwell Global does not charge any fees of its own on all deposit and withdrawal methods. However, all third party fees such as bank charges and online payment service fees are borne by the client. Please read more on our deposit and withdrawal options here.

If my trading account reaches below required funds, will my trading account be closed?

Clients will automatically be forced to stop all their trading activities when its equity/margin ratio is less 80%. This is also known as the Stop Out level. For more information on your stop out level, please do not hesitate to contact our representatives at info@blackwellglobal.co.nz.

How long does withdrawal process take?

All withdrawal requests will be processed within 1 business day. The time taken for the funds to be received by the beneficiary will depend on the withdrawal method used. Below is the time it typically takes for the withdrawal process.

Methods Time
Bank Wire 3 – 5 Business Days
Online Payment Service Methods 1 – 2 Business Days

The aforementioned processing time is based on the majority of past transactions. Delays may arise due to further investigation or issues with the funds, as requested by the banks or our online payment service providers. Clients experiencing such delays may contact us at cs@blackwellglobal.co.nz and we will assist in further investigations.

Can I withdraw bonuses offered at Blackwell Global?

Each bonus programme is unique in its terms and conditions. We advise all clients to read and understand these terms and conditions regarding the eligibility to withdraw bonuses, which he/she is subjected to in the bonus agreement.

For more information, you may approach our representatives at cs@blackwellglobal.co.nz.

Platforms Related Questions

I am facing technical difficulties. Who should I approach for assistance and is there round-the-clock assistance?

We provide technical and dealing support as well as personal assistance for your difficulties. Our support team is available during forex trading hours:

Period of October to April GMT 22:00 Sunday – 22:00 Friday
Server time 23:00 Sunday – 23:00 Friday
Daylight saving period from April to October GMT 21:00 Sunday – 21:00 Friday
Server time 23:00 – 23:00 Friday

For any technical issues, please email cs@blackwellglobal.co.nz or you can chat with us throughLive Chat for all enquiries.

Is MT4 available for mobile devices?

The Meta Trader 4 application is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Read More

What are the benefits of using the MT4 platform? Does Blackwell Global offer any other platforms?

Blackwell Global offers the MT4 platform. The MT4 platform is developed by Meta Quotes and is famous for its simplicity,
customization and for the use of Expert Advisors. MT4 also has the following benefits:

  • Free
  • Multilingual interface
  • Minimal CPU system requirements
  • Market analysis materials provided on real-time events
  • Various technical indicators and specific line studies
  • Database available for historical data for back testing
  • Availability of Expert Advisors (EAs)
  • Hedging allowed
  • Detailed help manuals
  • Alerts and mail support

If you have further questions regarding platforms, please do not hesitate to contact us at cs@blackwellglobal.co.nz.

MetaQuotes has developed a newer version of the trading platform, MT5. Why isn't Blackwell Global offering the newer version?

MT4 and MT5 have different strengths. The MT4 platform allows scalping and hedging, which is highly popular, whereas the MT5 does not allow scalping or hedging. Technical indicators and Expert Advisors from MT4 are also not compatible with the new MT5 platform.

Will my open positions and placed orders be closed if I am offline?

Your open positions and placed orders will not be closed even when you are offline. All the open positions will remain active even if you are logged out of your trading platform as the orders will be active on the server side. If you wish to close the orders, you will have to manually close each position on your trading platform.

My Trailing Stop is not executed. What is the reason for this?

Trailing Stop is an order that is set to a certain percentage level below the market price in a long position. Unlike Stop Loss and Take Profit orders, Trailing Stop is set by the client and works from the client terminal side. Hence, this order will not be executed if the client terminal is offline or disconnected.

My MT4 platform is not responding.

Please verify your MT4 platform’s internet connection to the server by looking at the connection bar on the bottom right-hand corner of the platform.

  • Green bars illustrate that you are connected to the server.
  • Red bars illustrate that you are not connected to the server.
Having red bars?
  • You can rescan the servers by left-clicking on the Green/Red bars. Click on “Rescan Servers” to allow our system to assign the best available server to you. Alternatively, you can select from any one of the servers from the list.
  • If you receive an error message stating “Invalid Account” in the bottom right-hand corner of the platform, you have either keyed in an invalid account ID or password, or selected an invalid server type.
Platform is not responding?
  • Kindly attempt to shut down the MT4 platform and restart it.
  • If the problem persists, kindly remove any recently installed Indicators/Expert Advisors, and restart the MT4 platform.
  • If you still encounter problems, please contact cs@blackwellglobal.co.nz.

What is the standard time displayed on the MT4 platform?

The time displayed on the MT4 platform is the server time which is GMT +1 (GMT+2 during Daylight Saving Time).

Is the time adjustable on the MT4 platform?

No, unfortunately you are unable to change the time zone on the platform.

Can I access my MT4 account from different computers/devices?

Yes. You can access your MT4 account from different computers at the same time, including the mobile version.

Is the MT4 platform available on Mac?

Unfortunately, we are afraid that the Blackwell Trader MT4 platform is not compatible with Mac yet.

Questions Related to Our Company

Who is Blackwell Global and what does the company offer?

Blackwell Global is a global financial service provider specialising in online trading service, since 2010. Blackwell Global has offices in major financial cities including the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Hong Kong and Cambodia.

Is Blackwell Global regulated?

Yes, we are a fully regulated company.

Is Blackwell Global a global company? If so, where do I find your office?

Yes we are a global company and we are expanding as the day goes by. Our representatives serve almost every continent in
the world, with our offices located in major cities including London, Limassol, Hong Kong and Cambodia.

For more enquiries, please contact us at cs@blackwellglobal.co.nz or chat with us NOW.

English is not my first language. Do you provide multilingual services?

Yes, we provide multilingual services and most of our representatives are bilingual. Below is the list of languages we provide.

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portugese
  • Romanian
  • Spanish

How does Blackwell Global manage client funds?

Company funds and client funds are fully segregated into two different bank accounts. Blackwell Global only holds client funds with globally recognised banks.

I am new to Forex and CFDs. Is Blackwell Global suitable for me?

Yes, of course! We cater to all traders, from beginners to professional traders. We provide 24/5 technical support and customer service. We also offer flexible account types, promotions and educational materials. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our representatives.